He works for one of the world’s largest and 

​most successful companies.

He is right in the thick of things, understands what employees think and what they dream about. He has heard and understands every concern and praise employees make. He knows how great organizations succeed; It’s through developing its people and involving them in the bottom line.

  • Two NCAA championships with
    UCLA and John Wooden
  • Head coach, college basketball
    ​national championship
  • Only player to be NBA first round draft choice, yet not start a college game
  • 12-year professional basketball player (Lakers, Clippers, Bucks, Spurs, Nets)
  • ABA Rookie of the Year
  • Two-Time ABA All Star
  • NBA all-time rebound record holder
  • Only player to lead both NBA and ABA in rebounds
  • Member of exclusive NBA 30-30 club
  • 19th all-time NBA field goal percentage
  • 10th all-time NBA rebounds per minute
  • Milwaukee Bucks record for rebounds in one game
  • Inductee: Orange County Hall of Fame
  • Inductee: San Diego Hall of Championships
  • Officially named, “Mr. Clipper,” at 2004 NBA All-Star game
  • Executive of a Fortune 500 company

Swen is extremely funny. 

Those that know Swen, know he usually has a good joke or humorous story to share. When he’s on stage he doesn’t lose a step. In fact, he kicks it up a notch because, well, he’s a ham. Swen was a Laker so, if you are a Boston Celtics fan, get ready for just a little ribbing. You’re going to hear how being seven-feet tall isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

People relate to Swen.

Through comedy and levity, Swen has a way of opening the hearts of people. Although he’s seven-feet tall and played at the highest level of his sport, he is down to earth and understands where people are in their journey toward self development. Swen meets them right there, takes their hand, and says, “If I can do it, you can do it.” So after the meeting, don’t be surprised when some with teary eyes come up to Swen and say, “How did you know I was here? That’s exactly what I needed.” Swen relates to people on a personal level.

Swen achieved the highest level of his profession, against all odds.

He didn’t make his high school basketball team and didn’t start one college game. Yet, he made it to the NBA. But he didn’t just make professional basketball; he excelled. His INCREDIBLE STORY, from being born in the Netherlands to the NBA, is a must hear.

Head and Shoulders Above Other Motivational Speakers.

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You can be confident when you book Swen. He knows success. Swen is extremely funny and entertaining but his messages are life-changing.

Seven feet of motivation!