Some Past Keynotes

Netherlands Teachers Association, Amsterdam

The Americana Awards, Anaheim, CA

Gradient Financial Group, New Orleans

Big Swift Kick, Chicago

Cost-U-Less Corp, Bellevue, WA

WIAA Coaches Assoc. Washington





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You Haven't Taught Until They Have Learned

Teaching is a profession but it is also an art. John Wooden was a master teacher because, when a student wasn’t learning, he found a way. Swen presents the secrets to John Wooden’s success including extreme organization, planning, master pedagogy, and Wooden’s greatest secret—Research and Development for Continuous Improvement. This presentation is based on Swen’s book, You Haven’t Taught Until They Have Learned (FIT 2006), co-authored with Dr. Ronald Gallimore. It is a study of John Wooden’s teaching methodology with the premise: Since Wooden claimed he learned how to teach sports by learning how to teach high school English, the process is transferable. In other words, his championship teaching methods apply to the classroom or any teaching situation, including management.


Keynote Topics

Upcoming Keynotes

March 9, 2016: Loyola Marymount University, LA 

March 15, 2016: The Crane Company, NY

April 30, 2016: Las Vegas Nike Coaches Clinic

May 2, 2016: Excellence: The Adventure Continues

July 2, 2016: Optimist International, Quebec City, CN 

​and take notes (not too close to the edge or they will fall off when laughing) as Swen motivates them to apply Coach Wooden’s three-fold leadership model: How to Teach so People Learn, How to Build Relationships so People Want to Learn and be Part of a Team, and How to Develop a Culture of Continuous Improvement.

When the message of this presentation is applied, be prepared for significant change within the leadership of your group.

Swen Nater motivates people to action. His goal is not to create a temporary emotional lift, but rather to help each “audience participant” create a new personal plan, right there in the auditorium. Highly-entertaining, Swen’s presentations are flavored by tasteful humor, poetry (some his own), and powerful quotes, Thereby, Swen moves the audience to apply life-changing truths.

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The teacher who is committed to student learning, continually tries new instructional methods to make that happen, and does so for a sustained period of time, will become a Master Teacher.

—Swen Nater

The leader who has a vision and plan, and leads by example, has the power to change an organization into a winner.

—Swen Nater

More Past Keynotes

Lean Enterprises, Long Beach, CA

Mercer Island Chamber of Commerce, Mercer Island, WA

Netherlands Coaches Association, Amsterdam

Sammamish Chamber of Commerce, Sammamish, WA

UCLA Alumni Association, SD Chapter

While with the Bruins, Swen played behind the great Bill Walton and saw limited playing time, two minutes per game. However, impressive performances at the Olympic trials and the Pizza Hut All Star Game resulted in Swen becoming the only player ever to have not started a college game and yet be drafted in the first round of the NBA.

Swen chose the ABA, became Rookie of the Year, a two-time all star, and led the league in field goal percentage and rebounding. After three seasons, the ABA merged into the NBA and he jumped to the Milwaukee Bucks where he set an all-time record (still standing) for defensive rebounds in half a game at 18. He also pulled down 33 rebounds that game, still a Milwaukee Bucks record, and scored 30 points. That put him into the NBA’s “30-30 Club,” in which there are only six members.

Through his Rebounding in Life presentation, Swen Nater changes lives. 

Leadership, The John Wooden Way

For three years, Swen Nater played for one of the great leaders of our time, John Wooden of UCLA. He learned, first hand (get ready for some very funny and powerful stories), how to be a manager who leads people to championship caliber. But Swen’s leadership experience is not limited to observation; using Wooden’s leadership principles, when he became a college coach himself, Swen led his team to the national championship. What’s more, he is one of the few leadership speakers who is actually a manager for a Fortune 500 company. Watch your people sit on the edge of their seats 

Rebounding In Life

Swen Nater is one of basketball’s best rebounders and has records to prove it. But he began Rebounding in Life long before he picked up a basketball.

Some see the missed shot in basketball as failure. Swen has the opposite view; he sees it as only change and an opportunity to score anyway. Through his story of an extremely abusive, controlling, and violent step-father who would not let him play basketball, Swen explains how he rebounded and was able to play basketball anyway and become a Community College All-American. Moreover, when he found himself on the UCLA bench for three years, he rebounded again and became the only player to have not started a college game to be a first-round NBA draft choice. He didn’t stop there; Swen played 12 years as a professional and became Rookie of the Year and led both the NBA and ABA in rebounding, setting records that still stand. Now that’s Rebounding! There are three steps to rebounding on the court and Swen, brilliantly, applies them to Rebounding in Life.