Q and A For Post Play 

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Swen was traded to the Buffalo Braves for the first pick in the draft. After a year, the Braves moved to San Diego and became the Clippers where Swen led the NBA in rebounds and set the team record for double-doubles (double-digit point and rebounds in the same game) in a season. Swen is the only player that led both the ABA and NBA in rebounding.

When traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, Swen backed up Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and the team played in the NBA finals against the Celtics.

After his basketball career, Swen Nater became head basketball coach at San Diego Christian College where he led his team to the NCCAA national championship. Next, he took a management position at the corporate office of Costco Wholesale in Washington

Swen Nater knows how to personally connect with an audience. Through humor, wit, poetry, and personal stories, Swen motivates, encourages, and empowers others to fully realize their potential. If you want the very best for your team, Swen is the ticket.

​Swen is married to Wendy Ghiora, has two daughters, and proud “Papa” to two grandsons. Oh, yes, another grandchild is on the way. 

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John Wooden’s
​UCLA Offense

Gain insights on each facet of offensive play, the fundamentals for success, and the strategic nuances that result in consistent, precise execution with John Wooden’s UCLA Offense. Presenting an inside look at the impossible-to-defend offense, this book and DVD will give you the chance to score big and see your team rise to new offensive heights.

​As a junior in high school and the second-tallest student in the school at 6’4”, Swen tried out for the basketball team and was cut. He didn’t try out as a senior.

Grown to 6’9 and attending Cypress College, California, Swen again attempted to make the team and this time he was successful. However, he didn’t play much his freshman year. But, after a lot of hard off-season work, Swen became a Community College All America, player of the conference, leading rebounder in the state setting a record of 39 (still a California record) in one game, and numerous other honors, the greatest of which was a scholarship offer to UCLA where John Wooden was head coach and they had already won six national championships.

Swen's Books

Swen Nater has produced six basketball instructional videos and is author of the following books:

  • The Fundamentals of Rebounding
  • You Haven’t Taught Until They Have Learned
  • John Wooden’s UCLA Offense
  • Playing Big
  • A Reason for the Rhyme
  • Q and A for Post Play (to be released spring 2014)

About Swen Nater

A Reason for the Rhyme

After graduation, Swen Nater wrote poems and sent them to John Wooden, his coach. Wooden kept them in a three-ring binder but encouraged Swen to publish them. The result was, A Reason for the Rhyme, a collection that includes life lessons learned by Swen Nater from his coach.

The Complete Handbook of Rebounding Fundamentals & Drills

Swen Nater was the ABA and NBA leading rebounder and holds several records. In The Complete Handbook of Rebounding Fundamentals and Drills, he explains exactly how any player can become a dominant rebounder. This book is well-illustrated.

Playing Big

Pete Newell's Playing Big offers a rare opportunity to learn from a basketball coach who has taught Shaquille O'Neal, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Bill Walton the finer points of post play and added new inside dimensions to the perimeter games of Shawn Marion, James Worthy, and Scottie Pippen. With this book and DVD, Pete Newell and Swen Nater show how you too can learn and apply the tactics and techniques from the world's foremost expert on playing big and dominating the inside game.

For over thirty years, Swen Nater has been a highly-sought-after motivational speaker and has presented his energetic, humorous, and powerful messages around the world for corporations, schools, and various organizations.

Born in the Netherlands, Swen Nater immigrated to the United States at age nine through a series of events that ended on the Hollywood stage where Swen and his sister, Renee, were reunited with their parents and little brother, Ibo, on national television. Swen had never seen a basketball until he came to the US.

You Haven’t Taught Until They Have Learned

A study of the instructional methods of master teacher, John Wooden, UCLA championship coach. Wooden said, “I learned how to coach basketball by teaching high school English.” The process is transferrable, enabling teachers in any endeavor to learn much from John Wooden about how to become a master teacher. After all, as Wooden said, “Everyone is a teacher to somebody.”

While with the Bruins, Swen played behind the great Bill Walton and saw limited playing time, two minutes per game. However, impressive performances at the Olympic trials and the Pizza Hut All Star Game resulted in Swen becoming the only player ever to have not started a college game and yet be drafted in the first round of the NBA.

Swen chose the ABA, became Rookie of the Year, a two-time all star, and led the league in field goal percentage and rebounding. After three seasons, the ABA merged into the NBA and he jumped to the Milwaukee Bucks where he set an all-time record (still standing) for defensive rebounds in half a game at 18. He also pulled down 33 rebounds that game, still a Milwaukee Bucks record, and scored 30 points. That put him into the NBA’s “30-30 Club,” in which there are only six members.